An Danzza edita su quinto álbum, 'Whispers of the forest'


'Whispers of the forest', el quinto álbum de An Danzza, estará disponible en plataformas digitales a partir del lunes 4 de abril. Se trata de 15 cortes -entre instrumentales y vocales- que aúnan folk, medieval, celta y fantasía. La composición, arreglos y producción corren a cargo de Andrés Campuzano, creador del proyecto, quien cuenta además en esta ocasión con músicos de excepción: Octavio Molano (flautas, gaita), Jaime Sanz (oboe) y Alba Sola (violines). La cantante Haydée Mariñoso (ex-Waldheim, ex-Remembrances) es la encargada de poner voz a los temas. Además, una de las canciones -la revisión del clásico inglés 'Past time with good company'- cuenta también con la colaboración de la vocalista Marina Romero.
En este nuevo trabajo An Danzza se adentra en un bosque oscuro, lleno de mitos, sonidos de otros mundos y evocaciones a antiguos dioses. Las letras del álbum son obra de Andrés Campuzano, Rowan Morgana y Haydée Mariñoso.
An Danzza nació como proyecto independiente en 2004 de la mano del compositor Andrés Campuzano, quien desde entonces ha autoeditado cuatro discos: 'Last Autum Tears' (2010), 'Canción de los Juncos' (2011), 'Tierra de Andanzas' (2013) y 'Scintilla' y ha colaborado con decenas de músicos y vocalistas, destacando el trabajo de Macarena Martín (voz en 'Canción de los Juncos' y 'Tierra de Andanzas').
Además de con el folk, An Danzza ha experimentado con otros estilos, como el metal. El resultado son un puñado de buenos singles de viking metal y progresivo.
Track list de 'Whispers of the forest'
1.Whispers of the forest
2. Faint Song
3. Follow the unicorn
4. Lady of Snow
5. Ring of fire
6. Hecate
7. Past time with good company
8. Jörmundgander
9. Creature
10. The last march of the Ents
11. When the wind moans
12. Golden Whispers
13. Ay linda amiga
14. Farewell
15. The forest that never sleeps
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My name is Andrés Campuzano and I'll try to give concise information of our music. Sorry if there is any incoherence,  my English is not very good.
    An Danzza is an independent music project born in 2004. All work is self-produced, we have no record label. This is my own project, however many artists collaborate, without them, it would not be possible. All are members of equal importance. I usually work all the instrumental parts and production, and artistes involved are  mostly singers (or visual artists for the album covers). 
    I like to vary styles, textures and sounds, I prefer this way of working, rather than a defined band, with fixed members, it allows me much more freedom and I have to think about the limitations live. I make use of acoustic instruments but the bulk of the production is performed with the help of new sounds technologies MIDI and Sample Libraries (Vst). I sequenced samples through a keyboard controller and do a lot of editing work, practically every musical note. A job that requires much time and patience. I'm a professional sound technician and self-taught musician.
    The origin of the name comes from the name of its founder 'An' and the Spanish word for dance (danza), as music of old was composed mainly for dancing. The double 'z' is an ornament and also a wink to his two surnames (yes, in Spain we use two surnames, our mothers are very important for us). Joined together Andanzza also sounds like the word 'adventure' in Spanish.
    Since I was a kid, I always had creative interests, and needed to explore new musical worlds, I was looking for something folk, epic, magical, fantastic, dreamy ...and it was not easy to find in the current scenario (especially here in Spain), although consider myself a music lover and spend most of my time listening to music of different styles. (especially heavy metal, and rock). But I started writing songs without many folk style references , Celtic  music, Soundtracks, Medieval folk standard, and New Age. (Loreena McKennitt, Blackmore's Night, Mike Oldfield...) Later I went to investigate and discover more great bands.(Faun, Tthe Moon & the Nightspirit, Caprice, Erutan...)


    At first I was experiencing. I had quite freedom and this is reflected in our first album "Last Autumn Tears" (2010). This is a very varied album, with songs in English and  Spanish, instrumental, Celtic and medieval. Here I was fortunate to record with Silvia Luchetti, actress in major musicals like "Les Miserables" and "The Sound of Music",  in tracks "La Eterna Primavera" (romantic poem musicalized of Rosalía de Castro)  and "Todos los Santos",  Oscar Martin (As Light Dies), one of the best musicians in the dark metal scene in Spain, in track "Exiled Druid", Cristina Galván "New Beginning" and "La Fuente de los Álamos" (based on the story green eyes, of the Spanish Romantic poet Gustavo Adolfo Becquer), and Sergio Cabré "Fallen Heroes". This album was the most difficult to edit or distribute because I had no experience. I did it through the company CDbaby. (I will talk about this later)
"Last Autumn Tears" is the culmination of an infinite and sincere love for past, real or imaginary times, taken from medieval legends or Celtic or head full of imagination of any lover of good mythology. That this work could be the perfect soundtrack to a thousand ancient stories of magical Legend of any mythological or interpret any situation where elves, fairies and dragons will dance at their ease.  (Juan Socorro, fanzine «La defunción»)
    For the second album I wanted something more definite, I always liked the conceptual  albums and fantasy stories. I was looking for a story that could be adapted to my music  and I found a wonderfull story called The Kith of the Elf-Folk by Lord Dunsany  (24 July 1878 – 25 October 1957) he was an Irish writer and dramatist, notable for his work, mostly in fantasy. He was the great precursor of J.R.R. Tolkien. 
    The album "Canción de los Juncos" (2011)  is a single song with a duration of one hour divided by 17 tracks of  fantasy folk fused with just a hint of gothic, epic, ambient, ethereal, electronic & classical music. The album contains not only songs but also spoken narrating parts of the story and beautiful soundscapes. I wanted to do a double version, (Spanish and English) but I found no translator to do it, and I wish to make a book-disk editionbut there was no budget
    "Canción de los Juncos" ("Song of the Rushes") is the culmination of a year of work. It is the most elaborate album for me, maybe not for the listener, because it is practically a soundtrack, an opera with leitmotifs, or a fairytale musicalized, in contrast to others, I don't think it's an album to hear background, it is an album to listen and immerse yourself in the narrative and environment
    "The Wild Things are somewhat human in appearance, only all brown of skin and barely two feet high. Their ears are pointed like the squirrel's, only far larger, and they leap to prodigious heights. They live all day under deep pools in the loneliest marshes, but at night they come up and dance. Each Wild Thing has over its head a marsh-light, which moves as the Wild Thing moves; they have no souls, and cannot die, and are of the kith of the Elf-folk." (extract from Lord Dunsany short story)
 All the songs are interpreted by the singer Macarena Martin, (she is a significant contributor in An Danzza). It is difficult to work with her in the distance. She resides in Seville and I live in Madrid, and we have not met until 2015! The magic of Internet!
Narratives are performed by Ruben Ortiz. I commissioned one painting to Marta Sarmiento, especially for  the album cover of this work.
    "Tierra de andanzas" (2013) (Land of adventures) is the third album of An Danzza. We return to the format of independent songs. This is a more intimate and quiet album, you need to listen several times to squeeze the juice. The songs are longer and slower, but full of feeling and fantasy. Macarena Martin continues to sing some traks in this album. The illustrations are by Feliks Grzeszczak
    In 2014 I published my first album without musical collaborations. "Scintilla" is a Collection of instrumental and original pieces. Style ranges from epic, fantasy, celtic, medieval, new age. Feliks Grzeszczak in the visual work again.
    From time to time, we like to experiment with other sounds and styles. we are open to all musical possibilities, and Metal is one of them.I got in touch with singers around the world and they have worked with your audio tracks via the internet. The result is a collection of Metal  singles , ranging from folk metal and viking to power progressive
    I currently work with the singer Haydee Mariñoso on a new album of folk, with many surprises, which will be released soon.