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17.10.2015 22:26
Which musical style do you prefer? Fill in our survey  


16.10.2015 23:01
Are you an artist and want to be a member of An Danzza? Don't you know how to get our music? Do you want to do a review or interview for a web or fanzine? Do you like to receive our music free for your radio station? Do you want to use our music for a project? Do you want to suggest a cover...

Album progresses!

11.10.2015 02:49
Uy, the album progresses! I'm writing the song titles. I love it and am very happy. Forests laugh and cry. We will have many surprises.

About CdBaby and the problem of physical copies and current market.

02.10.2015 02:51
About CdBaby and the problem of physical copies and current market. We all know the current situation in the music industry, In my case, we must add the lack of economic resources, and the serious crisis and unemployment in Spain. I spoke with some record companies, and all offered a dreadful...

Three little bears

24.09.2015 02:53
today I went to the woods to compose and this is the reaction of three little bears when they have heard

My first project in Cubase 8

14.09.2015 02:54
My first project in Cubase 8. I am happy to embed images of the instruments on each track. Scandinavian folk sounds.

The voice of an angel and the composer.

03.07.2015 02:57
We had never met, in spite of recorded several albums together. 

Game of thrones

04.05.2015 03:01
A wonderful gift from my dear brother Jose Luis Frias, (Photographer and musician)

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