Canción de los Juncos (2011)

1. Los marjales 0:00 The marshes
2. Criatura Silvestre 1:28 Wild Thing
3. Anhelo de un alma 4:37 Longing for a soul
4. Lamento 8:18 Lament
5. La voluntad 10:11 The will 
6. La Parentela de los Elfos 13:18 The Kith Of The Elf-Folk
7. Filtros de amor y dolor 15:27 Make a Soul
8. Fuegos Fatuos 18:54 Will-o'-the-wisp 
9. Bella como un ángel 20:35 Beautiful like an angel 
10. Fascinación mortal 24:32 Deadly Fascination 
11. Señorita Junco 27:04 Miss Rush
12. La ciudad 29:36 The City 
13. La rueca 34:12 Spinning wheel
14. Mi libertad 36:21 My freedom 
15. La ópera del Covent Garden 43:16 Covent Garden Opera
16. Unberufen 48:09 Unberufen
17. Bajo las estrellas 53:52 Under the Stars
For the second album I wanted something more definite, I always liked the conceptual  albums and fantasy stories. I was looking for a story that could be adapted to my music  and I found a wonderfull story called The Kith of the Elf-Folk by Lord Dunsany  (24 July 1878 – 25 October 1957) he was an Irish writer and dramatist, notable for his work, mostly in fantasy. He was the great precursor of J.R.R. Tolkien. 
The album "Canción de los Juncos" (2011)  is a single song with a duration of one hour divided by 17 tracks of  fantasy folk fused with just a hint of gothic, epic, ambient, ethereal, electronic & classical music. The album contains not only songs but also spoken narrating parts of the story and beautiful soundscapes. I wanted to do a double version, (Spanish and English) but I found no translator to do it, and I wish to make a book-disk editionbut there was no budget.
"Canción de los Juncos" ("Song of the Rushes") is the culmination of a year of work. It is the most elaborate album for me, maybe not for the listener, because it is practically a soundtrack, an opera with leitmotifs, or a fairytale musicalized, in contrast to others, I don't think it's an album to hear background, it is an album to listen and immerse yourself in the narrative and environments.
 "The Wild Things are somewhat human in appearance, only all brown of skin and barely two feet high. Their ears are pointed like the squirrel's, only far larger, and they leap to prodigious heights. They live all day under deep pools in the loneliest marshes, but at night they come up and dance. Each Wild Thing has over its head a marsh-light, which moves as the Wild Thing moves; they have no souls, and cannot die, and are of the kith of the Elf-folk." (extract from Lord Dunsany short story, you can read full in this link)

La parentela de los Elfos (Lord Dunsany)

 Macarena Martín
All the songs are interpreted by the singer Macarena Martin, (a posteriori, she is the most frequent contributor in An Danzza, she is the master key to this project). Narratives are performed by Ruben Ortiz. I commissioned one painting to Marta Sarmiento, especially for  the album cover of this work.
it is difficult to work with her in the distance. She resides in Seville and I live in Madrid, and we have not met until 2015! The magic of Internet!