Metal singles

From time to time, we like to experiment with other sounds and styles. we are open to all musical possibilities, and Metal is one of them.I got in touch with singers around the world and they have worked with your audio tracks via the internet.The result is a collection of singles, ranging from folk metal and viking to power progressive


Song: Gods of my Fathers (2014)

Music: Andrés Campuzano (Spain)

Lyrics: Sergio Cabré, Andrés Campuzano (Spain)

Vocals: Ivan Giannini (Italy) 
Illustration: Johannes Schmidt (Germany) 

Song: Open Your Eyes (2014)

Music, Production: Andrés Campuzano (Spain)
Vocals, Lyrics: Alonso Zø Donoso (Chile)

Art: Roger Creus (Spain)

Song: Gorgon Queen (2015)

Music, Production, Instruments: Andrés Campuzano (Spain)
Vocals, Lyrics: Fernando Neri (Brazil)
Art: Dmitriy Prozorov (Russia)


Song: Fallen Heroes (2015)

Music, Production, Lyrics, Workart: Andrés Campuzano.
Vocals, Lyrics: Sergio Cabré



Song: See you in Valhalla (2015)

Music, Production: Andrés Campuzano (Madrid, Spain)
Vocals: Aru MugenZero (Villarreal, Spain)
Extra Voices: Macarena Martín (Sevilla, Spain) and Alonso Donoso (Chile)