About CdBaby and the problem of physical copies and current market.

02.10.2015 02:51

About CdBaby and the problem of physical copies and current market.
We all know the current situation in the music industry, In my case, we must add the lack of economic resources, and the serious crisis and unemployment in Spain. I spoke with some record companies, and all offered a dreadful commercial conditions, they are not profitable, and always ask for an investment, they never take risks, and less for a new band with uncommercial style.
I decided then self-edit physical copies of "Last Autumn Tears" and subsequently "Canción de los Juncos", about 500 copies, and they were sold. The manufacture of few copies with booklet and good presentation, is expensive, and I would not sell very expensive albums. There is not enough demand, and from the third album, I could no longer continue editing physical copies. Likewise, I closed the website andanzza.com.Some people ask me physical copies, but I can't make one by one.
Many of the artists who collaborate with me, do it for free. I would pay them for their work, time, dedication and talent. The technical system is already per se expensive. Sometimes I've wondered how we could get that sound with so little! We have to use much imagination. We don't do concerts, and it also limits us a lot. However this is a job like any other, but that isn't well paid, nothing good.
Cdbaby is an excellent digital distribution. I'm happy with it, but send physical copies to US stores turned out to be expensive. I pay for digital distribution, and they send the files to streaming platforms like Spotify and stores such as Amazon and iTunes.
I can understand people who download music illegally. The musical culture is expensive, and the showcase is almost infinite. I try to put the prices as cheap as possible, but I just can control prices in CDbaby. Other stores put standard prices, which seem very expensive. If you have economic problems, nothing happens, write me an email, and I send you music for free, but it respects our work and that of others, Spotify is free too.